Luxury and Expedition

LUXPEDITIONSLuxury and Expedition

This here is the Goza Shirahama located at the southern end of Ise Shima, Mie Prefecture. The fine white sand beach and the beautiful blue sea will heal travelers' hearts.
Enjoy genuine nature experiences that only the Ago Bay with it's unique terrain blessed with rich nature can provide. You can experience marine activities such as kayaking and snorkeling, as well as trail running, cycling and even sky diving.
Once you start actively moving your body and let yourself surrender to the excitement that runs through your five senses, it will remind you of what you really sense and feel at heart.
Throw your tired body on the bed and with the relaxing moment inside our white bell tent with spot coolers, you will feel a breeze as if you were in an Asian resort. The local fresh food prepared for you and the modern Thailand BBQ to enjoy with wine. Gathering with friends that you have not seen recently to enjoy conversations, and soon you will notice the night sky full of stars.
Let's graduate camping that's only glamourous, start a trip centered around luxurious experiences, that is to say "LUXPEDITIONS" here at the Goza Shirahama.

PRIVATE BEACHA private-like beach to enjoy

The sea at CAPE GOZA GOLDEN HILLS CAMP & RESORT has very clear waters which will show you an one of a kind blue color to enjoy. Accumulated sea shells took long years to rub off to create the soft and beautiful white sand, which stages a scenery like an resort island beach. Rare to the beach on the Pacific side, there are trees on the southern side of the beach which creates shades even on summer days, making your stay at the beach very pleasant.
There is a beautiful cove that can only be reached from our camp site, creating a perfect spot for a water entry spot for kayaks and SUPs. We have placed a floating bridge which is a gateway from the sea to the Goza Shirahama area.

JAPANESE STYLE BBQEnjoying local fresh food in a Japanese style

The guests staying at CAPE GOZA GOLDEN HILLS CAMP & RESORT can also enjoy a Japanese style BBQ from the WAGU BEACH HOUSE JAPONICA nearby. Please enjoy local fresh food or authentic modern Thailand food at a private outdoor area called Hanare.
The WAGU BEACH HOUSE JAPONICA is a Japanese styled vacation rental hotel with JAPONICA concept that answers to the high needs from foreign travelers. It is a hotel facility with Japanese styled hot springs and rooms. Please come and enjoy this facility as well.

OCEAN ENTRANCESpecial entry from the sky and sea

With the start of the Ocean Entrance, access to the Ise-Shima area is not only limited from the conventional land route but now available from sky and sea. Being one of the members of the Ocean Entrance, our camp site is equipped with a heli port and a pier bridge.
For example, at the Taso Shirahama on the opposite shore of the Ago Bay, they have the only place in the Kinki Area where you can skydive from an altitude of 3000m, as well as a high sensed beach hotel named TASO BEACH HOUSE. There are also attractive spots like the cafe restaurant named WOOD FIRE MEAT BEER where you can enjoy authentic American styled T-Bone steak.
Traditionally, you had to drive over 1 hour from Goza Shirahama to Taso Shirahama although the straight-line distance is only 5km. But now from 2020, you can easily go over the sea to travel back and forth.

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